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You work hard to get customers to engage with your brand - we give you the capability to maximize the value created with every interaction

Improvement Your Conversion Rate By 20-40%+

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Outpace solution built around two levers to maximize value of digital marketing

Intelligent library delivers actionable, value driven insights around which content performs best for which customers and why - helping improve content over time

Optimization ensures you deliver the highest value content for each customer in every interaction

Marketing Value

See Impact In Weeks, Not Months

  • Light weight integration

    Very little (if any) IT support required to launch pilot

  • Launch & get results in weeks

    Instead of months for typical software solutions

  • Complement

    Not replace, your existing marketing software initiatives

  • Sophisticated but not complicated

    With the usability of the best consumer applications, your business users can start generating results quickly

Feature List Includes
  • Intent Targeting
  • Contextual targeting
  • A/B test multiple content versions
  • Fatigue adjustment
  • Global attribution framework
  • Re-targeting
  • Targeting data manager
  • Flexible conversion logic calculator
  • Action-oriented reporting

How to get started with Outpace Targeting

Content performance assessment with the Intelligent Library

No risk diagnostic gives immediate insights into your microsegment opportunities. We will provide a list of recommended improvements.

Targeting Engine Trial of our Optimization

With minimal involvement from your IT, we’ll help you set up a trial for push or pull channel of your choice.

Turn on channels as needed with our modular offering

We can work with you to incorporate learnings and increase value while rolling out personalization capabilities across push and pull channels.

Test Drive the Targeting Engine

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